Friday, 16 October 2015

Milton Keynes South County #Team4Nature

If YOU live or work in the above constituency, and want to become part of a movement that brings business, community and nature TOGETHER in harmony for a bright, healthy and sustainable future, then simply email providing:

Your name:
Your postcode:
A contact telephone number:
Your interest group - please choose from:
- individual who cares for nature
- school, nursery, college or university
- place of worship
- local business that cares about nature and the health of your community
- a wildlife-friendly farm that provides healthy produce in the above constituency
- a wildlife charity
- a community group
- a council
- local media
- local politician
- sports club
- other interest group - please state

Once you have contacted us, you will form part of the #Team4Nature for your constituency. We will then work with you to create a network that will protect nature and strengthen your community and local economy! Don't worry! You decide your role! You can simply be a supporter, or you can select an area of the #Team4Nature that you would like to help with. There really is something for everyone!

Thank you for your interest in nature, and the benefits that it can bring to your community.

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