#HelpHedgehogHospitals tweetstorm 11th April 2016 7:00pm - 9:00pm

The UK hedgehog population has fallen by 97% since the 1950's.
Sadly this is part of a wider trend that has seen half of the world's wildlife disappear in just 40 years!

On Monday 11th April 2016, between 19:00hrs - 21:00hrs BST, we are arranging a tweet storm to #HelpHedgehogHospitals. Hedgehog rescue centres are the unsung heroes on the front-line in hedgehog conservation, and are often struggling in terms of funding and support. To compound the problem, these amazing volunteers often simply don't have the time or funds to advertise and raise awareness of their activities. 

This is a chance for everyone to raise awareness of these vital local centres and the incredible work that they do. The online event will also serve to highlight other areas of hedgehog conservation, including simple ways in which everyone can help hedgehog numbers recover in the UK.

Unfortunately, at present, there is no comprehensive and managed list of UK hedgehog rescue centres, which is easily accessible to all . To find and help your local hedgehog hero rescue centre, it seems best to google " hedgehog rescue" followed by your nearest town or city!

If you find a hedgehog that is in need of care, please call 01584 890801 to find your local hedgehog rescue.

Thank you so much for your interest. If you would like to get involved in this online Twitter event, then please copy and issue the following tweets on Monday 11th April 2016, between 19:00hrs - 21:00hrs BST. Also, please find YOUR local recommended hedgehog rescue and create YOUR OWN tweets to raise awareness of them using hashtag #HelpHedgehogHospitals. Thank you! We look forward to seeing you in the "storm"!

Here is the suggested list of tweets to copy and issue during the tweet storm (additional tweets may be loaded prior to the storm, but this gives you a chance to schedule your tweets, where you have this facility). Simply copy and tweet DURING the tweet storm:

Did you know that the UK #hedgehog population has declined by 97% since the 1950's?! Explore hashtag #HelpHedgehogHospitals to find out more

Please RT:Here are some simple things that YOU can do to HELP #hedgehogs via @WillowsHedgehog http://www.littlehistories.co.uk/willowshedgehogrescue-helping-hogs.html #HelpHedgehogHospitals

Please HELP 100's of #hedgehogs by taking part in the fun @OgglesHoggyQuiz quiz https://www.goldengiving.com/fundraising/help-oggles-hoggies-quiz ends 17 April #HelpHedgehogHospitals

Please RT: HELP! I've FOUND a BABY #hedgehog! What should I do? via @WildlifeOrphan1 http://www.wildlifeorphans.co.uk/help-i-ve-found-a-baby-hedgehog-what-should-i-do/ #HelpHedgehogHospitals 

Plz RT:HELP! I've FOUND a #hedgehog out in the daytime - what shall I do? via @WildlifeOrphan http://www.wildlifeorphans.co.uk/help-i-ve-found-a-hedgehog-out-in-daylight-what-shall-i-do/ #HelpHedgehogHospitals

Please RT: HELP #hedgehogs while you shop! Beautiful #jewellery by @littlesilverhog https://www.etsy.com/shop/littlesilverhedgehog #HelpHedgehogHospitals :)

Plz RT: #HelpHedgehogHospitals is a 5 year project by @Team4Nature300 in association with @WillowsHedgehog The front-line deserves support!

Plz RT: FAO reputable #hedgehog rescues! @Team4Nature300 will promote your work FREE as part of our 5 year #HelpHedgehogHospitals project :)

Plz follow @WillowsHedgehog & checkout their ground-breaking teamwork with local councils :)  http://www.willowshedgehogrescue.co.uk/working-together-raising-strimmer-awareness.html #HelpHedgehogHospitals

Google "hedgehog rescue" followed by your nearest town/city to find & #HelpHedgehogHospitals They are the unsung heroes on the front-line :)

Check out this awesome map to HELP find YOUR local rescue & #HelpHedgehogHospitals! http://helpwildlife.co.uk/directory/map/ Now that is teamwork in action!

Please RT: Another awesome map to HELP YOU find & a rescue & #HelpHedgehogHospitals! http://www.hedgehog-rescue.org.uk/cms/find-a-rescue/ Now that is teamwork in action!

Do YOU know a hedgehog rescue that needs more support! Email details to info@team4nature.co.uk #HelpHedgehogHospitals is a 5 year project :)

Please RT: Do something AWESOME today! Sponsor a #Hedgehog via @PricklesR http://www.prickleshedgehogrescue.org.uk/donate/sponsor-a-hedgehog/ #HelpHedgehogHospitals 

Follow the #hedgehog through the year with this AWESOME resource (includes emergency care) http://snuffles-rescue.com/the-hedgehog-year #HelpHedgehogHospitals :)

Rescue centres are VITAL to conservation & NEED SUPPORT! Check out gallery by @CuanWildlife http://www.cuanwildliferescue.org.uk/gallery/ #HelpHedgehogHospitals

RT: Find out about #hedgehogs, their #habitat & the pressures they face via @WillowsHedgehog http://www.littlehistories.co.uk/all-about-hedgehogs.html #HelpHedgehogHospitals

Please READ/SHARE this great blog by @WKWT on the importance of creating #hedgehog highways https://wkwt.wordpress.com/2015/12/23/bed-breakfast-and-the-hedgehog-highway-part-1/ #HelpHedgehogHospitals 

Please READ/SHARE this great blog by @WKWT on creating a #hedgehog friendly #garden https://wkwt.wordpress.com/2015/12/30/bed-breakfast-and-the-hedgehog-highway-part-2/ #HelpHedgehogHospitals :)

Please READ/RT blog by @WKWT on how to make YOUR #garden a top #hedgehog restaurant! https://wkwt.wordpress.com/2016/01/06/bed-breakfast-and-the-hedgehog-highway-part-3/ #HelpHedgehogHospitals :) 

Enjoy watching & sharing #HedgehogBramble's big freedom via @CelestialElff https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=SsQoVDVACkA #HelpHedgehogHospitals 

Please RT: Find out more about the State of Britain's #hedgehogs here via @PTES https://ptes.org/state_of_britains_hedgehogs/ #HelpHedgehogHospitals 

Please RT: Want to HELP raise awareness of YOUR favourite #hedgehog rescues? Meet us on our 1,000 mile UK walk! :) https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/team4nature-2016-charity-walk-tickets-24506235811 

#Hedgehogs need YOUR HELP! Join tweet storm NOW & use #HelpHedgehogHospitals hashtag to raise awareness of YOUR local rescue centres :) 

Please READ/RT "The Cost of Hedgehog Rescue" by @littlesilverhog https://littlesilverhedgehog.wordpress.com/2016/03/24/the-cost-of-hedgehog-rescue/ This is why we ALL need to #HelpHedgehogHospitals!

Please RT: YOU ALL have the POWER to provide "Helping Hands for Hedgehogs"?https://oggleshedgehogrescue.wordpress.com/2016/04/09/helping-hands-for-hedgehogs/ #HelpHedgehogHospitals @OgglesHoggyQuiz 

Plz READ/RT this remarkable story: "It all started with Henrietta" https://draenogs.wordpress.com/2015/08/10/it-all-started-with-henrietta/ by @HedgehogTorfaen #HelpHedgehogHospitals :))

Please RT: This is why we ALL need to #HelpHedgehogHospitals! Amazing work - release of 75 #hedgehogs! http://m.plymouthherald.co.uk/Hedgehogs-released-wild-Devon-rescue-centre/story-29081245-detail/story.html?platform=hootsuite :)) 

Lack of sightings suggests a further decline in UK #hedgehog population http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/feb/28/lack-of-sightings-drop-hedgehog-population via @guardian #HelpHedgehogHospitals 

Please RT: #Hedgehog rescues under more pressure than ever! http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/nov/25/rspca-report-sharp-spike-number-of-hedgehog-rescues via @guardianeco #HelpHedgehogHospitals 

Plz share @guardian podcast featuring @BillOddie giving tips on HOW YOU can HELP #hedgehogs!http://hedgehoghelplinecymru.org.uk/helping-hedgehogs/ #HelpHedgehogHospitals

Please RT: Find out ABOUT the #hedgehog & garden hazards via @wildlifetrusts & @The_RHS http://www.wildaboutgardens.org.uk/wildlife/mammals/hedgehog.aspx #HelpHedgehogHospitals 

Please RT: Become a #hedgehog champion & create your very own #HedgehogStreet!http://www.hedgehogstreet.org #HelpHedgehogHospitals :)) 

Remember: @RSPCA_official plays key role - maintaining standards that #HelpHedgehogHospitals e.g @WillowsHedgehog http://www.willowshedgehogrescue.co.uk/willows-hedgehog-rescue-bromsgrove-worcestershire-aboutus.html

Please follow our partners @WillowsHedgehog who are teaming up with us on a 5 year #HelpHedgehogHospitals project! Add YOUR voice to theirs!

Plz RT: After tonight's tweet storm, keep using the #HelpHedgehogHospitals hashtag to raise awareness for YOUR local rescues #FreePublicity

What will your NEXT #SmallActsOfKindness be, that will HELP #hedgehogs and #HelpHedgehogHospitals? They really will make a difference! :)

Plz RT:Check out partnership between @WillowsHedgehog & @CoOwnRushFarm http://www.littlehistories.co.uk/2015/05/news-from-the-farm.html #FutureOfFarming #HelpHedgehogHospitals

YOU have the POWER to create change! How? Share information from this #HelpHedgehogHospitals tweetstorm with family, friends & work mates :)

Let's show the POWER of TEAMWORK! How many followers can @OgglesHoggyQuiz gain during this tweet storm to #HelpHedgehogHospitals 1,000? :)

#TweetStorm NOW! Please follow the hashtag #HelpHedgehogHospitals for information, then create your own tweets using same hashtag! #Teamwork

Plz RT: YOU ALL have the POWER to PROTECT #nature, with your voices, by gardening for #wildlife & by #volunteering! #HelpHedgehogHospitals

Please RT: If EVERYONE who sees this tweet, SHARES it & then creates their OWN tweet using #HelpHedgehogHospitals hashtag, IT WILL TREND! ))

Please RT: The #hedgehog is part of the life systems that together provide our air, food, health, water & well being #HelpHedgehogHospitals!

Please promote YOUR local rescues! They ALL NEED IT! Tweet website, facebook and twitter links using the hashtag #HelpHedgehogHospitals :)

#PowerOfInformation! Did YOU know UK #hedgehog population has declined by 97% since 1950's? Well you do now! #HelpHedgehogHospitals Plz RT

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